My name is Jojo Chartei Quansah: Father, Husband, Marketer, Christian, Man United Extremist, Telecom Geek, Social Media Activist, Satirist, Punster, Occasional Sarcasist, etc. For a few years of my early life, I thought I was going to be a detective, Hollywood-styled private eye, you know that stuff. Then in university, I thought I would make a great Accountant. That debit/credit high soon wore off. Blame my instructors for that.

These days, I am more sure of what I came here to do: To tell great stories. Which is why I have a career in Marketing. Like my advertising professor in grad school used to say; It is all theatre! And who doesn’t fancy the theatre, eh? The best part is that, now through 1on1, I get to tell the great stories of optimism that have signaled a new beginning (or a great finish, depending on how you see it) for Africa. Through 1on1, I can focus on the young people doing amazing (and sometimes experimental) things that are making life better for people here. Are you one of such people? Email me jojo@jojoquansah.com.